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The Department of Criminal Investigation was founded in 1957. Our department has a four-year program as well as a two-year program, both offering the degree of bachelor of science. We also established the graduate school in 1970. In 2001, the doctoral program in Criminal Justice was founded under the School of Crime Prevention and Corrections. Thus, our department became the highest academic institute in the training of professionals in the criminal investigation field..
The objective of this Department is to develop and nurture the discipline and training of criminal investigators to fight against various changing and innovative crime patterns and methods. We especially focus on four fields, which include criminal investigation, forensic science, criminal law, and investigation technology.
There are two special characteristics in the educational concepts of our Department. Put simply, they are: high integration as well as the emphasis on both theory and empirical experience. The ultimate goal of this Department is to constantly update scientific methods and techniques in the fighting of crime by the use of modern technology.

Head of the Department

Professor Chung-yen Pai

Tel : 886-3-3282321 ext. 4255
Fax : 886-3-3281990

E-mail : paicy@mail.cpu.edu.tw

Educational Experience:
1. Bachelor, Dept. of Criminal Investigation, CPU, Taiwan.

2. Master, Graduate Institute of Forensic Sciences, CPU, Taiwan.

3. Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Life SciencesNational Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Professional Experience:
1. Commander, police station at Keelung Harbor Police Headquarters, Taiwan.

2. Forensic technician, Forensic Science Laboratory, Central Police University, Taiwan.

3. Editor of Forensic Science Journal and African Journal of Biotechnology

4. Lecturer, and associate professor, Central Police University, Taiwan.

1. Crime scene investigation and physical evidence processing,

2. Forensic biology

Lieutanent Lan Chun-Lin Tel : 886-3-3282321 ext. 4365
E-mail : fluteb@mail.cpu.edu.tw