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Currently the department has 10 faculty members as listed below
 ‧ Chung-yen Pai(Chairman)  
   Professor,    PhD, National Tsing Hua University 
 ‧ You-lu  Liao   
   Professor,    PhD, Central Police University
 ‧ Tsan-chang Lin
   Professor,    PhD, University of Texas
 ‧ Huei-ting  Huang
   PhD, Universität Regensburg
 ‧ Yu-shun Lin
Professor,PhD, Hitotsubashi University
Wen-Kuei Lin   
Associate Professor, Master, Central Police University
Yung-Ping  Mou  
    Associate Professor,PhD, Université de Paris
Ming-hua  Chan
   Associate Professor,PhD, National Taiwan University
Su-Lien Chou   
    Associate Professor,  PhD, National Tsing Hua University
Chih-Chung  LI
    Associate Professor, PhD, National Taiwan University
Chih-Hung Shih
   Assistant Professor, PhD, Central Police University
Fu-Ching Tsai
     Assistant Professor, PhD, National Cheng Kung University